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Character Info

Gameshark Cheats!

Effect Code
Infinite Health Character 1 D10DB568 2C03
800DB130 03E7
Infinite Health Character 2 D10DB568 2C03
800DB568 03E7
Infinite Health Character 3 D10DB568 2C03
800DB9A0 03E7
Infinite Stamina Character 1 D10DB568 2C03
800DB216 0046
Infinite Stamina Character 2 D10DB568 2C03
800DB64E 0046
Infinite Stamina Character 3 D10DB568 2C03
800DBA86 0046
Level 8 Elements Character 1 D10DB568 2C03
800DB1E6 0007
Level 8 Elements Character 2 D10DB568 2C03
800DB61E 0007
Level 8 Elements Character 3 D10DB568 2C03
800DBA56 0007
Maximum HP 50002CCC 0000
8006EBDE 03E7
Infinite HP 50002CCC 0000
8006EC80 03E7
Max STR & RES 50002CCC 0000
Max ACC & AGL 50002CCC 0000
Max Stamina Recovery 50002CCC 0000

All codes require Game Shark Version 2.2 or higher.



Cheats (No Gameshark Needed)

New Game+ feature

Successfully complete the game, then load the saved game. This will give you a "New Game+" feature. This game allows access to your old level, elements, and summons.

Always win at roulette

The following trick allows you to win the roulette game every time in the casino on the Zelbess. When the pointer begins to spin and the red tip is in between the west and the south points of the roulette wheel, pause the game. Then, repeatedly press Circle and resume the game. It will land on north every time, giving you double the money you wagered.

Feed all 100 dragons

Note: A controller with a turbo feature is needed for this trick. When you meet the man who feeds dragons in a barn, you can earn prizes depending on how many dragons you feed for him. To feed all 100, set the turbo feature on X and use the D-pad to move back and forth.

Feel elements

Use a Feel element and then use an element that is opposite of the color of the Feel element to inflict more damage to an opponent. For example, use Feel Yellow and then use a Green Element.


The field effect in the upper right corner has to be all one color to use a summon. For example, to cast a Blue Summon like Frog, the field effect has to be solid blue.




Defeating Dark Serge:

All right, you are about to face a powerful enemy, here are his stats:

Innate: Black
Attacks: Lv 6 Elements, Lynx's Tech Skills

Dark Serge (I will say Serge, it bothers me writing the whole name) will cast ALL of Lynx's Tech Skills to cause intense damage, that is why equipping the Black Plate on Lynx will make him invulnerable versus his own Skills, in fair play, these also cause serious damage to Serge.

It is good to bring Karsh and Zoah, they can cause big damage to Serge, but make sure you equip them with the other color plates, it is also good to bring Traps for BlackHole and UltraNova. At the start of the battle have Zoah power up to Lv 6 and cast TrapBlackHole 9 (Trap Elements are the ones with an arrow pointing down), Serge will begin pounding Lynx with physicals, but worry not, if you equipped him with the Black Plate, he will absorb Serge's Techs (take note that Serge is Dark Serge), attack him with the same Tech he uses (have Karsh heal the party after every Tech).

Have Karsh and Zoah power up to Lv 3 and Lv 7 respectively (first Zoah) and use their Double Tech Skill DragonSpike, it will cause big damage, indeed!

But do not rely too heavily on the power of the Black Plate, Serge casts Elements Lv 6 of EVERY color, including the fearsome UltraNova!

BlackHole will be trapped thanks to the Trap, then set a trap for UltraNova.

Lynx was alone at this point in my game, both him and Serge were in a weakened stage, but after the Element uses of Serge he will use Techs again, finish him off with physical blows and White Elements.

Getting the Mastermune:

With Lynx/Serge, Riddel, and another character in your party, go to the small island in the north, it has smoke coming out of it. Enter the cabin, watch events unfold, then prepare for the hardest fight in the game. Win, and you'll get the Mastermune!

Surviving Dario:

Allocate Cure/Revive elements on all characters. Don't allocate any attack elements, since you won't use them. The key thing is to just use regular attacks, and don't cast elements/tech skills. If you do that, Dario will go on a rampage. If you follow my pattern, Dario will go with a pattern of his own. It goes like this: Attack, Dash&Gash, Attack, SonicSword. SonicSword doesn't do much damage at all, but Dash&Gash can equal instant death. Just continue my pattern, use support elements, and hopefully you will survive. Oh yeah, equipping a Black Plate on a character is a good idea.

"I know another way to beat Dario. Get the people you have with the strongest magic and most slots for elements. Choose people that do not have the innate color black and white. Two people are already black and white so make sure the other person is yellow, green, red, or blue. Use all elements except for black and white elements. Just keep keep hitting him with yellow, blue, red, and green. He will only do moves that lower defenses, strength etc; After you run out of magic he will be extremely weak. Just use yours attacks from now on. You should finish him soon and receive the Mastermune." Douglas Chu

"Dario uses attacks and black elements. To defeat him with ease Have the Following Party, Lynx/Serge, Lady Riddel, and 1 other of your choosing (preferably Gyrobc). Equip all of your strongest WHITE elements on Riddel also equip the black plate. When you use a White element on Dario he will retaliate with Conducta Rod; this is your key to victory. Have Riddel attack until her stamina is down to 1, then use a white element. After every white element from Riddel, Dario uses Conducta Rod thus healing Riddel instead of damaging her. Have the other two attack and use cure elements. Beware: DO NOT USE YELLOW AND/OR BLUE ELEMENTS. If you use a yellow element, Dario will retaliate with BatEye making your Hit Percentage go down, so it will be harder to refresh your element grid. Using a blue element will make Dario use Weaken, and your defense go down SIGNIFICANTLY, increasing the risk of a game over. Here is a list of elements and Dario's response:

Element Color Dario's retaliation
Black RecoverAll on Dario
White ConductaRod on User of White Element
Red Numble on User
Blue Weaken on User
Green LoRes on User
Yellow BatEye on User

Before this fight, it would be helpful if you got UltraNova, MeteorShower and Holylight."

Restoring Marbule:

After fighting the sage on the Zelbess, go talk to Nikki and agree to help him out with Marbule. When you get Fargo, have him talk to the other Fargo on the Zelbess. Fargo will take control of the ship, and you get to watch the Nikki concert. When you enter Marbule, kill all the monsters to free Marbule!

Behind the Lava Boy:

After Serge is reborn and you have his level 7 tech, fight a Lava Boy and use FlyingArrow. In the shadow behind Serge, there should be a big thing with horns. I have no clue what this is but it looks pretty cool.

Thanks to:

"The real truth behind this is as follows: When Serge uses his lvl 7 tech skill "FlyingArrow", there are 2 possibilities of what will show up behind him. One is a large, round being, which is actually the combined form of Masa and Mune from Chrono Trigger; to get this, Serge must equip the mastermune. The other possibility is that a "mirror image" of Serge will show up behind him, which will occur when Serge equips any weapon besides the mastermune."
(Note that and also submitted explanations)

Defeating the Time Devourer (first form):

This battle, like Sean Kelson said, is 30+ minutes (that is true), I, too, lasted quite some time into beating her, first, here is a party of choice, I like Serge, Leah and Grobyc, they are the best to use due to their powerful Element usage and fierce Tech Skills, equip Serge with YellowField, Leah with ThundaSnake and Grobyc with GrimReaper, with that, here are the stats:
HP: 20700
Innate: Changing
Attacks: Elements and Omegas

Well, this battle is tough, indeed, especially due to the digit, anyhow, let us start... have Serge do a lot of attacks, then have him turn the Field all Black, then have Grobyc power up to Lv 8 and cast GrimReaper, then hit her with physical blows, she will change Innate from White to Yellow, bombard her with Green Elements like AeroBlaster and Carnivore, she will change to Red, bombard her with IceBlasts and Deluges, she will change to Green, have Serge power up to Lv 5 and Leah to Lv 8, then have Serge use YellowField and immediately have Leah summon ThundaSnake, bombard her with Yellow Elements afterwards, now Blue, attack her with Infernos and MagmaBursts, Black, use Serge's Techs and White Elements, now White and final setting, use Grobyc's Techs and Black Elements.

Using the Chrono Cross:

Stats for the final form of the Time Devourer:
HP: 20700
Innate: White
Attacks: Elements and Omegas Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White

If you see the order of Omegas, it is the combination, it is hard and time-consuming getting it, though, here are some tips on getting the correct combination...

At the start, have everyone power up to Lv 8, then Defend until TimeDevourer uses a Yellow Element, then have your second party member cast a Red one, then your third character uses a Green one, then Serge uses a Blue one, then your second character uses a Black one and the third one uses a White one, all Elements Lv 1, then have Serge use a weak attack to get back to Lv 8, then cast the Chrono Cross.

Thanks to: Israel Romero Garcia

New Game+:

Getting All Characters:

To get all the characters in the game at one time go back to Sprigg's Dimension with the Chrono Cross in a New Game+. Use it there and you will get all the characters you had when you beat the game the first time. For example, if you beat the game and chose to save Kid, and went to Viper Manor with Pierre, and started a New Game+, chose NOT to save Kid, went to Viper Manor with Nikki, then you get Nikki, Pierre, Orcha, Glenn, Razzly, Mel, and Doc in your party when you use the Chrono Cross. Confusing? In a way. Getting Harle is more difficult, read the next section.

Harle Forever:

To have all 45 possible party members at the end of each New Game+, you need to follow these specific steps (read Getting All Characters first):