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The best, in my humble opinion...


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I will try my best to fill this all in so if I miss any thing please tell me so I can fill it in and if you have good shots (pictures)
please send them to me!

Thanks a bunch

I'll be sure to include lots of screenshots so you get a good sense of the game.



It is about a non-speaking boy named serge.(pologist)That is trapped between two worlds.
He is the link to both worlds.
That mean he can travel back a fourth to each worlds because his body and the Amulet are the missing pieces to fate and Destiny
and that is what you need to travel to both worlds no body else can.
In his world he has his mother but not his father in the other both are dead and he was dead 10 years ago!
Everone tells him about his fathers death(they don't believe he is Serge because he was dead ya know?)
His enemy's goal is to take his body to get between to worlds so he can find the "Frozen Flame"
but why?

If you want to find out Buy The Game and I recomend some sites and compair prices for you guys out there.


Game Creators


Sqaure Soft made Chrono Cross and all the final fantasy like FF1 FF2 FF3 FF4 FF5 FF6 and all the way up to 13.
They also made Chrono Trigger on SNES and I not sure about Dreamcast but they are making them over agian for Playstation 2 no need though because you can play Playstation one games on there any way.
(and if any body know about anything else about square Soft please contact me.)

Tips and Cheats

Tips and Cheats