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My Pets

I love animals as u can see!
Pleaz send me your animal pictures and no I don't care if they are farm animals!

My name is Snow! Click to adopt me!

Daisy The Dog

Daisy Is part collie part shitzu.
She has a lot of brown and black and white on her face then the rest of her is white.(Except for her big brown patches on her!)
Her tricks are roll-over,dance,sit pretty,shake a paw, lay, Sit, Stand, Stay-Come and last but not least sing.(I press I key on the paino and she barks.....pretty smart eh?)

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

I am having problems putting on Daisy's Pictures right now put will have them one sooooooooooon.

My name is Kat! Click to adopt me!

Snip The Kitty

She was a lazy cat!
She died a while after she had her kittens.
She did nothings so there is nuttin to say about her except she was lazy.
Thats all

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide